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According to the dog legislation all dog owners are required to have a dog licence that can be issued from the Local Authority.  


In order to do this it is required to:

  • Take the dog to the vet for the implantation of an identification microchip and receive a certificate.
  • To bring the certificate to the Government’s Veterinary Services in order to register the dog.

Following that they should bring to the Local Authority Office:

  • the microchip identification certificate
  • the registration certificate
  • the dog’s health certificate

Apart from acquiring a dog owning license, the owners are also obliged to:

  • Keep their dog within the residence
  • Use a lead when taking the dog for a walk
  • To take care of the dog’s dirt in public places
  • Do not let the dog out of their residence without supervision
  • Make sure that the dog is not disturbing the neighbours with barks, dirt or any other way
  • Take care of the dog’s health, housing and living conditions,
  • Abide by the dog legislation





  • Dog licence renewal excluding Authority fees - €30,00 - €35,00


Local Authority fees:

  • Veterinary Services registration fee - €8,54
  • Municipality annually fee - €20,50


Last Updated ( Thursday, 11 August 2016 12:18 )